Current Affairs

A First: African Woman Elected to FIFA Executive

31st May 2013 Teakisi 0

Today FIFA, football’s governing body elected a woman to become the first executive board member of this male dominated organisation. Burundi’s Lydia Nsekera is that woman. This 45 year old was appointed to the executive […]


20 Laws of Leadership for African Women

31st May 2013 Teakisi 0

This article was inspired  by three dynamic, driven and successful African-American women that have collectively honed their leadership skills and share it in a book titled: The little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership […]


KOB Fabrik

30th May 2013 Teakisi 2

We first became aware of KOB Fabrik, when Tracy sent us an email informing us of her work. “I would like to introduce to you KOB Fabrik, an art studio developing innovative fabric concepts”, says Tracy […]


The Return of The ‘Fro

29th May 2013 Teakisi 4

By Attiya Karodia The Afro has been worn by people whose crafts demanded an assurance of self, a Freedom of artistic ability and a confidence in who they were, which is why the Afro Hall […]


Big Brother Africa: The Chase Is On!

28th May 2013 Teakisi 0

By Kye Makyeli Big Brother Africa is the name, The Chase is the game. On Sunday, 26th May, after what was described as an electrifying start to the evening, the new Big Brother Africa season opened […]

Fashion & Style

Chitenge: Our Identity

28th May 2013 Teakisi 3

African fashion is exploding right now. The use of African patterns, the African landscape being etched on pottery, woven baskets adorning the centre pieces of a lot of western homes, wooden salad bowls, wire mesh […]


Closet Space

22nd May 2013 Teakisi 6

Last Friday, one of my girls, Stella, called me asking for directions to my favourite lingerie store in Kampala. After directing her, I asked her what the occasion was and she told me she was only sleeping […]


Obstetric Fistula: Plight of African Women

21st May 2013 Teakisi 3

By Vivienne Amijee  Obstetric Fistula is a medical condition which occurs when a hole develops between the rectum and vagina or bladder and vagina. Signs and symptoms Flatulence, urinary or fecal incontinence. Foul-smelling vaginal discharge. […]