22nd February 2017
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The Afrikan Woman And The Cracked Mirror

17th November 2013 6
Article written by Likeleli M. Monyamane. A few days before Christmas in 1999, I asked my mother to cut my hair so that I could style it in dreadlocks. I will not forget the look [...]

The Queen of Afrika

1st November 2013 2
I saw the queen of Afrika Standing upon great Many Meandering hills Of heaps Of heights Too great For rubble  I saw the queen of the world Bending down Looking for gold in a dirty [...]

Be Relevant!

21st September 2016 3
I work for the Ugandan civil service in a rural district local government. Wait, did I mention I am a modern breed of local government staffs? I joined civil service at age 24, one year after [...]

Friendship Matters! Patronize Those You Love

31st August 2016 1
I believe in helping people, especially my friends, to achieve their dreams; I like to uplift and empower them. So I don’t understand why, when it comes to patronizing businesses, people are much more comfortable [...]

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30 Sudanese Women You Should Know

15th June 2016 41

For centuries Sudanese women have been pushing the boundaries of the patriarchal society, excelling in fields almost always dominated by men despite the difficulties they face. We searched for the women making an impact today both nationally and […]

Open Letter to Miss Rwanda Organizers

3rd March 2015 18

Dear Organizers, As any other social media addict, I was privy to the infamous video that came out of last year’s Miss Rwanda pageant. I am going to spare you the details of the video […]

15 Most Powerful African Women

3rd May 2013 15

Madame Figaro recently published  a list of the most powerful women in Africa. Le  Figaro is a French daily newspaper and the second-largest national newspaper of France. Madame Figaro is a supplement to the Saturday edition of the daily newspaper Le […]