22nd August 2018
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Et Si On Commençait Par La Poutre?

15th July 2016 0
By Aline Tou Des centaines de personnes homosexuelles sont tuées par année à travers le monde. D’autres sont violentées pour la seule et unique raison qu’elles aiment une personne du même sexe qu’elles. Après la [...]

Things I Did Not Do Until My Thirties (Part 1)

25th August 2015 2
One’s twenties are usually viewed as a time of fun: college, friends, parties, travels, first serious job and relationship. Thirties, on the other hand, are considered a good time to settle down with a solid [...]

Why are There no African Manuals?

19th March 2018 2
I remember asking my mother when I was about thirteen, to teach me how to knit and she told me, “I’m not going to sit here and teach you how to knit, just watch me.” [...]

KOB Fabrik

30th May 2013 2
We first became aware of KOB Fabrik, when Tracy sent us an email informing us of her work. “I would like to introduce to you KOB Fabrik, an art studio developing innovative fabric concepts”, says Tracy [...]

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30 Sudanese Women You Should Know

15th June 2016 43

For centuries Sudanese women have been pushing the boundaries of the patriarchal society, excelling in fields almost always dominated by men despite the difficulties they face. We searched for the women making an impact today both nationally and […]

Excuse My African

20th April 2017 20

I never had any issues with my being African, until I started living in the United States of America.  That was when I realized that my kind of “African” is different. I’m not talking about […]

Open Letter to Miss Rwanda Organizers

3rd March 2015 19

Dear Organizers, As any other social media addict, I was privy to the infamous video that came out of last year’s Miss Rwanda pageant. I am going to spare you the details of the video […]