The recent events of the unlawful killing of George Floyd and many others have sparked anxiety, anger and hurt amongst many of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities (BAME). We do believe that now more than ever, having conversations on racism, inequality, diversity, sexual and mental health and many others with your friends, your family and the wider community is really important. Teakisi Live sessions which will be streamed on Zoom or our Facebook page will also feature on light topics like fashion, cuisine etc. These topics will also be guided by a panel of speakers from all walks of life.

Teakisi Live is virtual and therefore removes any physical barriers someone may have to attending a venue. And entering the event via their own device means they can make use of the accessibility tools they need to gain information, navigate and communicate within the event. With Teakisi connecting to a global network, hosting a virtual event of this kind means it can be completely diverse and accessible to all.