A relaxed social coffee/tea/hot chocolate gathering aimed purposefully at African women, but we are inclusive. Our passion is to celebrate, unite and empower African women, and also try to open doors for them where possible. Our coffee Meet ups give you the opportunity to meet face-to-face or online with other local members of our community and those outside if its hosted online. We share ideas, offer support and get great tips and advice attendees. They will run typically for two hour and will be led by A Teakisi team member. Coffee Meet ups are free to attend but you will have to purchase your own food and drink. This meet up is open to the general public and is ideal if you are looking to meet new people. in a relaxed atmosphere, 

Benefits of Meet ups
  • They are a great way of meeting new people
  • Build connections, share goals and experiences
  • You will get ideas and inspiration from other attendees
  • You are certain to pick up tips that you can implement in your own business or life
  • By sharing what you are struggling with you may well find some helpful advice
  • It’s an opportunity to spend some time in the real world, away from your comfort zone