Everything You Need To Know About SHINE

  • by Salha Kaitesi
  • Feb 01, 2021
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In 2021, there has to be an even greater push to make sure that African women can access better and accurate information, so that they can maintain their sexual and reproductive health. Beyond having access to contraception, African women and all women in general also need to be educated about birth control and their options for usage. Women’s control over […]


Fatness Is Not Private

By Shanine Ahimbisibwe It’s the day after New Year’s Day and you decide to go see a gynaecologist. You do not have a milky discharge, you do not have lower back and abdominal cramps, your period is not late, you do not have pain passing urine. You decide to visit a gynaecologist because it is […]


Kiss Your Annoying Monthly Visitor Goodbye!

By Angela Semanda.   Hello ladies! What if I told you there was a solution to your monthly menstrual challenges that lasted for up for up to 10 years, was affordable and eco-friendly? Yes, I know, sounds to good to be true; but it exists. The menstrual cup, also referred to as the Ruby Cup, is […]