Could You Imagine a World Without Bananas?

Article by Christelle Mekoh As a child in Cameroon, one of the things I loved most about growing up was the variety of fruits I was able to get, depending on the season. Rainy season meant juicy mangoes and guavas. Some fruits were only available in certain parts of the country while others, like apples, came from abroad. And […]


Race Relations: All Downhill From Here

By Attiya Karodia Last year, just a day short of the anniversary of Madiba’s passing, I witnessed an event that jolted me from the Suburban New South Africa dream we’ve seen reiterated in our rainbow nation ads and former model-c schools. Standing at the Gautrain bus station in Rosebank, a well-spoken white man provoked, attacked […]


Powerful African Goddess: Patricia Miswa

  • by Salha Kaitesi
  • Jan 13, 2012
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Everywhere you look, there is a different title of a magazine on the racks. Magazines for beauty, fashion, body building, homes, children and more. They kind of spring up on you without knowing. The next thing you know, you are hooked and  buy/read every new issue that is out. One such magazine is AfroElle Magazine. […]