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Sudan’s “Kandaka”

10th April 2019 Salha Kaitesi 0

It’s a breathtaking image. According to Arabic media, her name is Alaa Salah. This is the young Sudanese woman standing on top of a car, raising her right arm as she leads the crowd in […]


A letter to Baba Opembe

13th September 2017 Salma Abdulatif 0

Dear Baba Opembe, I have wanted for so long to write to you a letter. To tell you how my new home is not home without you. But is home anything so physical? I think […]

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I Love You

21st July 2017 Salma Abdulatif 3

I love you. I love you because you are me. I love you because there will never be another you and you are amazing as you are. I love you, each part of you. As […]

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Powerful African Goddess: Joan Mazimhaka

23rd May 2016 Teakisi 4

Women worldwide have enjoyed all kinds of advancement in the field of business, becoming more and more visible at leadership levels in various sectors; however, they continue to be shut out of most managerial positions. In […]

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Powerful African Goddess: Solaire Munyana

9th May 2016 Teakisi 0

Solaire Munyana is a television producer and television production consultant of shows like ‘The Hostel’. She graciously took time out to tell us about her career and give advice for all who want to be […]


Powerful African Goddess: Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri

16th February 2016 Teakisi 0

Meet Pam Samasuwo- Nyawiri – an Award Winning Designer, Fashion Journalist and African Fashion Advocate from Zimbabwe.  Having always been inspired by fashion, she decided to go back to university and study Fashion Accessory Design.  She has combined […]


Powerful African Goddess: Cynthia Munwangari

8th October 2015 Teakisi 5

Dans le cadre de notre série intitulée:  Powerful African Goddess, ElleAfrique a récemment eu le plaisir et l’honneur d’interviewer Cynthia Munwangari – Jeune créatrice et modele ainsi que initiatrice et fondatrice du project: Bujumbura Fashion […]


A Curtsy To The Ladies

23rd March 2015 Teakisi 6

Article written by Evelyn Masaba I sat up the other morning and looked at my laptop trying to formalize the words to an article that I wanted to send to our editor to publish. I […]