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Tinder Me Please!

By Nellie Umutesi-Vigneron My dating life has been suffering a slow and painful decline that will only result in an unfortunate and untimely death if I don’t take action and attempt to resuscitate it.  In […]

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Thoughts & Reflections


By Amandla Karungi Letting go I love the certainty of things, the way things always are, the way they used to be; mother peeping through our bedroom door every night, my eyes fixed on the […]


Powerful African Goddess: Valerie Kimani

Beautiful Kenyan born Valerie Kimani shot to fame after winning East Africa’s reality show Project Fame in 2006. Her prize was a three year recording contract with Gallo Records in South Africa. Her music embraces many styles R&B, Rumba, Jazz et cetera.  To our readers […]