Women and Inheritance of Ancestral Land

Inheritance: That which is or may be inherited; that which is derived by an heir from an ancestor or other person; a heritage; a possession passes by descent. Heir: A person who obtains right or ownership to property upon death of an ancestor, where there is no will left by the ancestor. Inheriting of ancestral […]


Powerful African Goddess: Valerie Kimani

  • by Teakisi
  • Mar 13, 2012
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Beautiful Kenyan born Valerie Kimani shot to fame after winning East Africa’s reality show Project Fame in 2006. Her prize was a three year recording contract with Gallo Records in South Africa. Her music embraces many styles R&B, Rumba, Jazz et cetera.  To our readers and to those who don’t know anything about this vibrant inspiring African lady, below is a taste of what she is all […]


Wangari Maathai (1940-2011)

  • by Salha Kaitesi
  • Dec 25, 2011
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2011 was a year of hardship. A year of debt crises and the recession. It was the year of the food drought in East Africa. It was also the year that we lost one of the super heroine of Africa. A daughter of Africa. Wangari Muta Mary Josephine Maathai. She had been battling ovarian cancer for some time. Born on 1 […]