What Does She Know?

  • by Ayandola Ayanleke
  • Jan 15, 2018
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“He has done it again,” Lily lamented. “Who? And what did he do?” her friend, Lola asked perplexed. They were in Lily’s house, seated by the pool, treating themselves to a cold drink of Chapman that, somehow, Lily’s chef had finally gotten a hang of. As far as Lola was concerned, this was a wonderful […]


Book Review: Culture of Honor by Danny Silk

By Racheal Kiiza Book: Culture of Honor Subtitle: Sustaining A Supernatural Environment Author: Danny Silk Pages: 568 This book provides and calls for a culture of honor in the church, a culture that strips off the clothes of shame, fear and punishment culture in our churches today. The book opens with a thrilling but scary […]


A Letter To My Love

By Marie-Helena Mekolo To the man I love dearly: Lately, I’ve found my thoughts drifting back to you….. Remembering our last encounter, trying to decipher some moments and actions, attempting to get a peak at the side of you that’s hidden. I start seeing the good in you: “ Oh, that’s what he truly meant” […]