What Does She Know?

  • by Ayandola Ayanleke
  • Jan 15, 2018
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“He has done it again,” Lily lamented. “Who? And what did he do?” her friend, Lola asked perplexed. They were in Lily’s house, seated by the pool, treating themselves to a cold drink of Chapman that, somehow, Lily’s chef had finally gotten a hang of. As far as Lola was concerned, this was a wonderful […]


Religion And The African Woman

By Felly Oyuga In my opinion, there is no greater hindrance to the growth and development of the African woman like religion.  Before you get excited or call me a heathen, let me make it clear that I have nothing against God.  It is the custodians of ‘God’s perfect ways’ that I may not agree […]


Adulterous Husbands Want The Good Girls Too

By Mahbuba Matovu It’s a public holiday and school is cancelled, so I decide to spend the day updating my blog. The mood is perfect. It’s only 1 pm but it’s raining like crazy with dark clouds dominating the skies. I cozy up in my lady-cave with dim lamp-shade lighting while timeless hits from Jazmine […]