A Real Woman

  • by Teakisi
  • Oct 26, 2016
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By Laura Walusimbi   A real woman, who is she? One with airs about her? One who thinks she’s ‘better’ than everyone else? One who strives to bring other women up, and Who commands respect from all, regardless of her standing?   A real woman, what does she do? Cares for others first? Cares for […]


Kisses From Afar…

By Mahbuba Matovu In that moment I hang up the phone. The silence bursts my bubble. You’re there and then you’re not. I know that in a few seconds I can catch you again. I don’t call. It’s confusing for a second. Everything seems so strange. Only now do I realize my return to a […]


Africa Writes At Bahati Books

Here at ElleAfrique we believe in an African voice, telling our own stories and empowering our own people, especially our women. Oftentimes, literary voices from the continent go largely unnoticed – lack of publishing infrastructure, funding and interest contribute to the shortage of African-centered stories. Despite the existence of talented writers from all over the continent, […]