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“We give to preserve” – Myles Munroe

The year is quickly coming to a close and all I can think about is Christmas; the food, the loooong church services if you are in the village, gifts, laughter, Christmas trees everywhere, father Christmas, swarms of people doing last minute shopping.

Photo Credit: Racheal Kizza
Photo Credit: Racheal Kizza

In Kampala, the decor on the streets makes me wish Christmas can come sooner than the 25th. The malls have beautifully red clad Christmas trees (it`s not Christmas without those tress) with lights twinkling, small jeweled toppings hanging over the trees.

Christmas season symbolizes the love of God which He reflected when He gave us His only son and that is the gift we celebrate each Christmas. The gift reflected God`s love for us and I have come to understand that love is shared not only with our immediate family but also other people.

This Christmas season share  love with a soul (it could be a relative, friend, neighbour in church, taxi driver or a total stranger). Simply give back.

Ways to give back this Christmas season:

  • Share a meal with friends, neighbors, lady next door, etc. This can involve you preparing the meal or buying the meal from your favorite restaurant.
  • Volunteer with organisations or foundations that are giving back to the community this Christmas season; for example, 40 days over 40 smiles, CWEN .
  • Donate clothes, Christmas gifts and much more to organisations that are into giving back or, better yet, start your own drive. I know of friends who collect clothes, shoes and much more from friends and they go with it to their villages and distribute them.
  • Give monetary contribution if you can`t be physically present towards causes you believe in during this Christmas season.
  • Be a mini Santa Claus and get someone a gift and put a smile on their face.
  • De-clutter your wardrobe or house and give some of the stuff away to your friends, relatives, neighbors or organisations.
  • Invite people over  for Christmas and share a meal and love with them.
  • Share love notes ; a workmate sent us thank you notes last year in December and it was amazing; she let us know she appreciated each one of us and  made us feel special.

Share with me how you plan to give back this Christmas season.

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Racheal Kizza is a budding entrepreneur with a passion for youth work and fashion. She is a full time project officer at Kyusa, a nonprofit organization that empowers out of school youth in urban slums to become employable. She is a youth leader in different forums, blogger, mentor, public speaker, writer, facilitator and trainer. Racheal is one of the founding directors for Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network (CWEN), a platform that brings together Christian women in business to connect, create and collaborate. She serves as the Executive Board Secretary for CWEN.

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