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In today’s global market, it is critical to stand apart from the crowd, and getting your product or service in front of the right audience is important. Promotion of your brand/business is a key element in putting across the benefits of your product or service to the customers.

Through fresh and unique content written by African women in Africa and the diaspora, Teakisi articles are inspirational, entertaining, as well as thought provoking.  The Teakisi global audience is constantly growing through contributors, Facebook likes, TwitterInstagram followers and readership numbers. With so many readers on our blog, promoting your work or brand on Teakisi makes sense to small and large businesses alike.

Teakisi is a global blogzine with the right audience for your brand/business.

❤ Unique niche blogzine by African women

❤ 111,000+ unique visitors monthly*

❤ 65% plus visitors are from a European country*

“Just to give you an idea of just how popular our site is; we got got 332848 hits in February 2017 from 187383 page views.”

We currently offer:

  1. £75 package: 1 Sponsored post plus 1 mention on each of our social media sites – per 1 week. (Post can be written by us or the person/brand)
  2. £100 package: 1 Sponsored post plus 2 mentions on each of our social media sites – per 1 week. (Post can be written by us or the person/brand)
  3. £55 package: 1 share of your information, services or business on each of our social media accounts – per week.
  4. £35: Featured Music Video on the site.


  • You must provide us with the video, information, or images to be included in the post within 3 working days of approval.
  • We have the option to edit the written copy for maximum exposure.


For more information, fill the form below;

*All details correct at last update (February 2020)

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