Teakisi continues to evolve in more ways that one, with the aim of connecting with the wider community. Currently, our outreach involves around organising face to face and online events that bring African women, members of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic group, and the wider community together. Our outreach hopes to connect, engage and build a community spirit. Presently, under the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, all our events are taking place online until further notice. 

Who Are They For?

Enhanced public services, targeted on those most disadvantaged, are conceived as the best means of reducing the impact of inequalities faced by African women and breaking the cycles of prejudice, racism and institutional racism.

What Do People Say?

Taking this course has helped everyone feel like they can all contribute to our organisation’s success going forward.

I liked the way you could make sure everyone was on track and benefited from the training

Benefits of Outreach Programmes

Community outreach means doing something for the community above and beyond business related activities. Community outreach is about giving, contributing, and helping those who cannot help themselves. In the past year, we have come to learn that however small the event might be they benefit the community in ways which often surprise us.

How Do I Promote My Business or Book A Place On To The Next Training/Event?

All training registrations are booked through the links below. Click on the training/event you wish to attend from the list below to access the booking link and reserve your place.

Teakisi Digital Literacy

Teakisi Woman Talk

Teakisi – Coffee Meet Up


Website Design

Teakisi Live: Events & Sessions

Or simply get in touch via our email info@teakisi.com

Have you attended any of our events? Please tell us in the comments section what the event was that you attended and what you thought about it – and if there is anything more we could have done to better meet the needs of the attendees.


  1. I attended the Mental Health Event. The event was so inspiring and informative especially in this time we’re in. It was good to hear from different people how they’re copying and learned a lot from them. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one struggling gave me the courage to keep pushing.
    Thanks and I’m looking forward to the next one.

  2. It’s truly an amazing job that T is doing to uplift the African woman in as many ways possible. I have had the privilege of attending this year’s Coffee Meet-up during the pandemic lockdown. It was a wonderful opportunity to link up and connect with the many voices that T has brought together. It couldn’t have been done any better given the circumstances. Perhaps one suggestion, if at all it makes sense: is it possible to do some podcasts of the content uploaded by different writers? I think it would pack quite an additional punch and weight to the rich stories being written here. Peace!

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