Diversity and Inclusion

In the UK, Black History Month is commemorated annually in October with first celebrations dating back to year 1987. The main goal of Black History Month is to recognise the contribution and achievements of people with African and Caribbean heritage in fields such as arts, politics, education and science. Putting people of colour in the centre of debates during Black History Month gives them the ability to share their personal stories regarding the effects of racial discrimination and allows them to challenge the negative stereotypes that still guide today’s society. 

At Teakisi, we believe that Black History Month is a great time to reflect upon, learn about and celebrate the successes of African women, Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority community members. In its fourth year, Teakisi presents the annual Black History Month conference focused specifically on conversations about African Women and their presence within our community. The Teakisi Woman Talk conference is establishing itself as the key event for those interested in enhancing the capabilities & leadership opportunities for members of racial and ethnic minorities. 

There is power in being connected to other people – especially when those people look like you and share experiences that are not easy to understand by more privileged members of society. Not many events here, in the North East of England, are geared towards African women and we hope that this conference will be the first step towards a positive change. Speakers navigate the event focusing on a particular theme for each year.

The educational aspect of this conference exposes attendants to new ways of conducting their businesses & running organisations; it helps people discover how to be more productive and promote their work to potential new clients. Moreover, we provide a safe space where the attendants can network and, most importantly, celebrate the culture and heritage of Africa and people of African descent. Everyone is encouraged to share their experiences and learn from each other which is at the very heart of Black History Month celebrations around the world. 

Join us this October!


  • Examine the barriers & enablers affecting African women
  • Receive hands-on insight and advice from experts
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the skills, qualities and competencies required to be a successful blogger
  • Connect with fellow African women, Black, Asian Ethnic Minority members in the community
  • Network with peers & counterparts
  • Hear from inspirational speakers


Teakisi Woman Talk – 2022

Theme: Inclusive Communities For All

Date: Saturday, 15th October 2022

Doors Open: 13:00

Event Starts: 13:45


The Common Room, Neville Hall, Westgate road, Newcastle, NE1 1SE

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