One Hell of a Year

The month of November has made me realize that 2019 is coming to an end and it has made me reflect on how the year has been. Although it often seems like life doesn’t change much in a year and every day is the same as the last, and when I look back at how this year has been, it feels like I’ve traveled to a parallel universe. 

In 2019, I got my first tattoo, completed school (sort of), transformed my body several times, skydived, traveled a bit, overcame major challenges, lost friends and made new ones, changed jobs, relocated (still in the process) and now it feels like I’ve become a completely different person. 2019 has been such a learning curve and the following are the lessons that I have picked thus far.

Plans change

In terms of my career, 2019 didn’t turn out exactly how I planned. But I once read that life always gives us what we ask for. It might not be in the exact form we ask for, though. Life will give you people, opportunities, and circumstances to learn what you need to learn the most and although easier said than done, we have to embrace whatever life teaches us and adjust our plans accordingly. Plan B and C are also important to have.

Working with people

I’ve met people who are smarter than me, but also people who are lunkheaded. I have also met people whose values are completely different from mine. There are those for instance who prefer sitting down to talk about other people and those who want you to attend all the social activities they plan. Truth is you cannot, for the most part, control who to interact with. But that doesn’t stop you from resisting the harsh reality of the different temperaments that people have. While you don’t have to get along with everyone, avoid fights like a plague. But when a fight picks you, leave everything on the mat and give it your all. Hold nothing back. 

Be you, the world will adjust?

It’s often said that you should go where you are celebrated. But do we always have a say in this? If you have bad habits that prevent you from living with people in peace, why not change them? I don’t necessarily believe in the cliché, “be you the world will adjust.” I believe in growth and personal development. Whatever makes you better do it. Although you should also not lose yourself while at it. 

Love thy enemy

Embrace your enemies. They will always provide you with opportunities to keep you motivated. It has taken me a whole year to comprehend and digest the extent to which people can go just to harm you. On one hand, my spirits have been broken a couple of times but on the other hand, this has kept me grounded and made me more ambitious. Basically, having enemies is not necessarily a bad thing.

Admittedly, I have made mistakes in 2019. Some were big and others were small. Even so, there were helping hands that pulled me when I fell, the feet that walked along with me for a few stops during my journey and then there were souls that made me believe in humanity. Those are the people whom I call my tribe and truth is, we always need a support system and I am glad I did not walk this journey alone. I can’t wait to see what 2020 will teach me and what kind of a person I’ll become. Here is to kicking ass in 2020.


Aimée Dushime
Anagha Hunnurkar / 11 November 2019

Absolutely candid and honest ! great writing Aimee ! Keep it up

Reggie / 12 November 2019

Cheers to learning from 2019 and growing even more in 2020!!! Here’s to kicking ass in 2020!!


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