Our team brings a wealth of experience from their chosen fields – full of personality minus the ego. We are the wearer of many hats dedicated to amplifying the voices of African women, and yours.

SALHA KAITESI, BA (Hons), MA University of Newcastle
Founder, Artistic Director & Executive-Editor

Salha is a social entrepreneur, gender equality & empowerment champion and a self-taught blogger with multiple skills that acquired over the past 9 years. Fuelled by her passion for empowering and promoting African girls and women, their voices, equality and diversity, she considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on her academic foundations in Sociology and Politics while staying in tune with the latest digital and in person strategies that will amplify the voices of African women, her local community and those of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities. When Salha is not all things Teakisi, you’ll catch her watching Thor: Ragnarok over and over again. Or is it Infinity War and End Game?

Director & Chair

Dan is a GP Lecturer at Newcastle University who has worked as a doctor with NEAS during the COVID-19 crisis. His interest lies in Mental Health (as a generalist) with training in CBT. Having studied health inequalities since 1995, he feels particularly strongly about how unjust they are and how they limit people so unfairly.
He is a proud dad to two daughters. He enjoys boxing, reading and lots of vinyl (also, he’s a part time DJ!)

Director & Board Member

Rehma is a member of the Ishami Foundation which works towards bringing awareness of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis, regarding her own personal experience with the Rwandan Genocide. She believes in amplifying the stories of the voiceless, taking pride and power in them. Over the years, she has developed strong skills in childcare while also working as a teaching assistant. She is also passionate about bringing people together to collaborate in ways in which they can work towards a better community. She is a proud mother of two children.
Social Media Manager

Kye is the CEO of Nova Media and a seasoned writer and communications consultant with seven years experience, whose work has garnered notable local and international media features in Associated Press, ABC News, BBC Africa and DW. She enjoys reading, swimming and listening to music.