Teakisi is delighted to extend a warm invitation to the international/ foreign student community of North East and Cumbria!

We are a unique and award winning community resource creating programmes that deliver impact. We sit at the intersection of race and gender inequality, but we strive for social justice in all areas.

We aim to make a difference by helping to tackle some of the most challenging issues, which is due to the gap in support and services for minoritised communities. Teakisi is here to fill that gap and make sure that we empower those that have felt discriminated against, simply because of where they come from, or because of the colour of their skin.

Join us for an engaging and inclusive event with a unique opportunity for you to participate in an informal yet impactful discussion about your experiences, challenges, and needs as international students.

At Teakisi, we understand the unique challenges of studying abroad, and are here to listen and brainstorm solutions and strategies for addressing these challenges. Your experiences matter, and your voice deserves to be heard.

What to Expect

  • Emphasis on listening and dialogue, with opportunities for attendees to actively participate
  • Focus on understanding and addressing the unique needs of international students in the region
  • Brainstorming solutions that will support student in the future
  • Refreshments provided to ensure comfort and enjoyment

Some Of Our Past Community Events

Ticket Information


This event which striclty targets all international students in the North East and Cumbria is free, but registration is a must.


Safeguarding Statement


In our work we meet many adults who are potentially at risk for a variety of reasons. We aim to create a safe environment in which no adult will experience harm or exploitation during their contact with us.


Royal Quays Business Centre, The CAI Building, Coble Dene, North Shields, NE29 6DE


Wednesday, 24th April 2024


11 am – 1 pm