BestVersion, a service run by Teakisi focuses on inequalities in both Mental Health and Education.

Good mental health is more than just the absence of disease. People should be able to realise their full potential whilst also being able to handle the many difficulties that life may bring. They should feel well enough to be able to contribute as part of their community. They should be able to prosper as the BEST VERSION of themselves. Hence BestVersion: a community service run by Dr Daniel Jefferson as part of Teakisi to achieve this. The skills mix of everyone involved makes this service unique, and the role of Salha Kaitesi in achieving collaborations and reaching the target audience is vital.

BestVersion can make change in mental health possible. Any support provided will be a listening and signposting service only. Any options shared will be done equally and the person should be empowered to make their own individual choice.

Group educational sessions or 1:1 support can help to dispel myths or misconceptions about suicide. Different people have requirements and needs that have to be met in any number of unique ways, and BestVersion can tailor make services to do this for each individual or organisation.

The support provided by BestVersion complements but does not replace the support from your GP or community mental health team.

Target Communities

  • Adult males 40-54 in the North East are at high risk, with 45-49 being the highest risk group 
  • Black Mental Health patients who present late and often in crisis 
  • Families/Carers/”Trusted Others” affected by a suicide or suicide attempt are often overlooked and it is time to change that and for us all to listen


More information will follow, but in the meantime contact us below if you would like to know more.