16th October 2017 Tayo Sogbanmu 0

“Amina! Dan Allah! Turo! Turo! (Please Push! Push!)”, Amina had never felt such pain in her fifteen years of existence. It was excruciating! Like all the muscles in her torso where twisting harder and tighter […]

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For Better, For Worse Part 3

23rd November 2016 Tayo Sogbanmu 1

Part 1, Part 2 It was exactly 7:00 pm and Zirwa laid still on the bedroom floor of her apartment. Mariam had insisted she stay with her, but her sister’s constant worrying was driving her […]

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For Better, For Worse Part 2

5th October 2016 Tayo Sogbanmu 5

Part 1 Zirwa felt fear engulf her. “Dapo… I thought I should… I thought it would be best…” Mariam couldn’t believe his boldness. “No!” she shouted, “How dear you?! You do this to my sister […]

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For Better, For Worse

10th August 2016 Tayo Sogbanmu 3

Mariam sat in silence opposite her crying sister, watching the tears run down her cheeks. She no longer recognised her own flesh and blood. She wondered how long she had been keeping her predicament from […]


The Language Of Chemistry

30th October 2015 Tayo Sogbanmu 1

Eric lay still on the bed, allowing his body to absorb the cool air steadily blowing from the air-conditioner. He enjoyed the calmness of the mood lighting in the room, and appreciated that it was currently the […]


Customer Service in Nigeria

21st July 2015 Tayo Sogbanmu 0

I remember travelling back to Lagos for holiday in June 2013. After my routine of familiarizing myself with the heat, traffic and NEPA; I agreed to meet with a close friend of mine at Ikeja […]


Women’s Growing Love for Football

2nd July 2014 Tayo Sogbanmu 0

Over the last decade female participation in official sports has grown quite significantly, and football has been no exception. Through growing competitions such as the female Champions League and even the female FIFA World Cup, […]