Our team brings a wealth of experience from their chosen fields – full of personality minus the ego. We are the wearer of many hats dedicated to amplifying the voices of African women, and yours.


Salha Kaitesi

Founder, Artistic Director & Executive-Editor

BA (Hons), MA University of Newcastle

I am a social entrepreneur, gender equality, empowerment champion and a self-taught blogger with multiple skills that I’ve acquired over the past 11 years. Fuelled by my passion for empowering and promoting African girls and women, their voices, equality and diversity, I consider myself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on my academic foundations in Sociology and Politics, while staying in tune with the latest digital and in person strategies that will amplify the voices of African women, my local community and those of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities.

When I am not all things Teakisi, you’ll catch me watching Thor: Ragnarok over and over again. Or is it Infinity War and End Game?


Rehma Muguyeneza

Director & Board Member

Member of the Ishami Foundation which works towards bringing awareness of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis, in regards to her own personal experience with the Rwandan Genocide. I believe in amplifying the stories of the voiceless, taking pride and power in them. Over the years, I has developed strong skills in childcare while also working as a teaching assistant. I am also passionate about bringing people together to collaborate in ways in which they can work towards a better community.

I am a proud mother of two children.


Sarah Umutoni

Director & Board Member

I’m a child care worker with a 10 year old son. My earlier work experiences were in the tourism sector before joining the of caring for children and young people. My day-to-day work sees me getting involved in different selection of activities that stimulate the minds of young children.

I am a very organised person who enjoys going for walks, going out with friends, listening to music, swimming and watching action movies. 


Tayo Sogbanmu

FCA Certified Financial Coach & Financial Education Lead

Property Investor and Passive Income Enthusiast on a mission to educate as many families as possible on how to become financially independent, save more, manage money better and become debt free. My key areas of focus include:

Review of Financial Goals

A Financial Plan

Debt Management

Retirement Planning

Protection Necessities

When I’m not thinking about financial matters, I love to travel!


Rogers Wanambwa

Blog Editor & Creative Residency Lead

I am a Public Relations and Communications Aficionado, Writer, Editor and Accountant with a passion for all things writing and empowering writers to find their space and own it. Having worked with people and institutions in the Finance, Human Rights, Manufacturing, Health, Fertility, Banking, WASH, Agriculture, Fintech, Education, and Management fields, among others, I believe that I am in a position to help amplify the voices of those who yearn to be heard through crafting compelling stories that touch the souls of others. 

I love finding gems of movies and books to enjoy in my spare time. Of late, YouTube has also been an excellent companion and learning ground. 

Teakisi is also powered by selfless individuals who want to see us achieve our goals and go places. Our work would not be fulfilled today without their constant support.


Dr. Daniel Jefferson


Dr. Claire Ogah


Tina Simbo


Bukie Adebola-Ezeh

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