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The Revolution Will Not Be Hijacked

24th April 2019 Reem Gaafar 0

TIt’s been more than four months since the revolution took Sudan by storm. Four months of almost daily protests all over the country, at all times of the day and night. Four months of peaceful […]


SARAFINA (The Weaker Sex)

17th April 2019 Amandla Karungi 0

“Sarafinaaaa! Don’t break our bed! Sarafinaaa! Leave our bed alone. Sarafina, you are going to pay for our bed!” squealed the mid-wife. I was gnashing my teeth in the opposite room as I imagined Sarafina […]

Love & Sex


15th April 2019 Guest Blogger 0

2019 is my third year single; it’s been longer if you factor in the years I spent as the poster child for spousal neglect. Last month, I decided to dip my toe cautiously back into […]

Current Affairs

Sudan’s “Kandaka”

10th April 2019 Salha Kaitesi 0

It’s a breathtaking image. According to Arabic media, her name is Alaa Salah. This is the young Sudanese woman standing on top of a car, raising her right arm as she leads the crowd in […]

Love & Sex

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

8th April 2019 Esther Chawai 3

The moment you begin asking yourself this question as a lady, it means that there’s a lot that is lacking in that relationship. Often times, that question is triggered by the obvious fact that there’s […]