Veel Liver!

By Claudine Niragire. I love liver! Although many usually dispose of it and won’t consider eating it, I have taken on the task of exalting – As would say Jean Francois Piege – this underdog […]


The Mistress. Evil?

By Felly Oyuga I had the misfortune of reading a Facebook post by a not so bright man, who said that infidelity would stop if women stopped being their own enemies and said no to men. Many women liked and shared the […]

Current Affairs

Sudan Revolts

By Reem Gaafar Once again, people are taking to the streets of Khartoum to protest the ridiculous price hike that the Sudanese federal government rolled out as part of the 2018 national budget. Earlier this […]

Thoughts & Reflections

Making Yourself Clear

By Josephine Amoako Every successful relationship be it business or personal thrives on effective communication. Communication goes beyond just saying something and hearing what is being said. The transaction is completed when each party understands […]