Lettre D’amour au Burundi

28th October 2016 Iris Ntore 0

Burundi bwacu*, Burundi buhire, Le pays qui m’a vu naître et grandir. La patrie que j’aime. Sur ton sol, j’ai fait mes premiers pas et j’ai aimé pour la première fois. Tu as accueilli mes […]


#Elle101: Writing Our Stories

26th October 2016 Teakisi 0

It is through stories that one discovers their heritage, forms opinions about places and people and let the wanders as to the possibilities of this world.  Story telling is very powerful indeed as it can help […]

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A Real Woman

26th October 2016 Teakisi 0

By Laura Walusimbi   A real woman, who is she? One with airs about her? One who thinks she’s ‘better’ than everyone else? One who strives to bring other women up, and Who commands respect […]

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Feminism: A Perspective

21st October 2016 Josephine Amoako 2

I’m proud to be a woman and I can’t imagine myself being in the shoes of the opposite sex for even a day. They have their own woes and I’m still battling with the ones […]

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Fashion & Style

Who Am I?

17th October 2016 Teakisi 10

By Natasha Museveni Karugire My name is, or (as we say in Uganda) my names are (because there are many) Natasha Lynette Nyinancwende Kainembabazi Museveni Karugire. “Natasha” because my mother had read War and Peace, the literary classic by […]

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Time And Time Again, We Fail Them

14th October 2016 Teakisi 2

By Ariane Kamdoum So, recently I’ve been productively procrastinating on the internet (believe me it is possible to both procrastinate and be productive!) and, in my wanderings, I came across an article about a certain […]