The Plight of You and Me

24th June 2015 Teakisi 0

By Attiya Karodia Everyone complains. Whether it’s you on a bad day or me when I’m fasting. If there’s one thing the human population in this day and age is great at, it’s complaining. You’d […]


Siima Sabiti: Talking to The Tune of Her Flute

9th June 2015 Teakisi 2

By Florentina Twongyere Siima Sabiti Kyakuhaire describes herself as a radio presenter, music addict, flute blower, work in progress, occasional writer and attributes all views expressed belonging to her and the little people living in […]


Thando Hopa: Counsel, Couture, Colour

3rd June 2015 Teakisi 1

By Kye Makyeli Out of a small township near Johannesburg known as Sebokeng, which literally means “gathering place” in SeSotho, hails Wothando “Thando” Hopa, an albino model who has broken barriers  in the fashion and […]

Current Affairs

Are Men Hard To Find?

2nd June 2015 Teakisi 0

“Men are hard to find.” How many of us have heard that statement at one point or the other? It makes my skin crawl every time I hear it. It puzzles me because men are […]


Double Chocolate Cupcakes

1st June 2015 Teakisi 0

By Attiya Karodia Chocolate makes me happy, and not in the temporary, fleeting moment of happiness way that taking a good selfie does. No, chocolate makes me truly happy and warm inside, so when I […]