The Rise of Rape Culture

By Attiya Karodia Put down your coffee ladies and gentleman, and prep yourselves for yet another rant dripping with feminist buzzwords that would on most publications result in a comment-war between meninists and normal people […]

Love & Sex

Love is War

By Wanjiru Kihusa I have the tendency to remember the most interesting things from people’s conversations. My take home is always something deep, funny (or sometimes weird). I was having a conversation with a friend […]


Exodus 20:12

By Diana Awino To me, going to church is reserved for occasions like weddings and funerals. I actually do not remember the last time I went to church; so if that makes me a bad […]


Selma is now!

Article by Christelle Mekoh I was among many to be deeply touched by John Legend and Common performance of Glory from ‘’Selma’’ at the 2015 Oscars. In their acceptance speech, they made clear connections to riot […]