Current Affairs

Women in Sudan

By Reem Gaafar Sudan has a long history of women in leading positions in the political as well as social arena. Ancient history speaks of queens reigning over kingdoms past, such as Nubia and Kush. […]



Article written by Ibtihal Ahmed. Divorced, from the degrading union of Ingrained and deadly ignorance which Often leaves its master in a state of aimless wander Divorced, from the senseless captivity of Ceremonial benevolence which […]

Current Affairs

Agaciro: Our Choice

By Nellie Umutesi-Vigneron Pride. Humility. Hope. Those were my feeling during Rwanda Day 2014in Atlanta, USA. Proud to be Rwandan. Humbled by what Rwanda and Rwandans have witnessed and survived. Hopeful for our future as […]

Fashion & Style

100 Days of African Fashion

By Vivienne Amijee Yesterday was the final day of the 100 days campaign of celebrating African print, African designers, African fabric, African jewellery/accessories, make up and everything of African fashion. The ceremony was graced by […]