Nurturing A Healthy Mind

26th November 2013 Tayo Sogbanmu 3

Many of us have become strong believers in fitness and health, eating right, making sure we have a balanced diet and trying to stay active to keep our bodies trim. But in the process of […]

Love & Sex

One Last Phone Call

24th November 2013 Teakisi 0

Article is by C.J Npowa Hey it’s me, Can we talk? I’ve been thinking… It’s not that I don’t want to f**k It’s just that I want so much more You feel me. I want […]


The Queen of Afrika

1st November 2013 Teakisi 2

I saw the queen of Afrika Standing upon great Many Meandering hills Of heaps Of heights Too great For rubble  I saw the queen of the world Bending down Looking for gold in a dirty […]