‘Feminist’ African Women Writers

30th October 2013 Teakisi 1

The “F” word is really a no-no on some circles these days. Indeed, if you admit to being a feminist in public, chances are you will be laughed at or worse you will receive the harass […]


Bald And Beautiful

25th October 2013 Teakisi 3

A person who is broken, battered, bitter, and down to their very last ounce of hope is a very dangerous person. Especially when they decide to take on the journey of destiny. At this point […]


Olivia Mukam: UnWavering CamerPreneur

23rd October 2013 Teakisi 2

On his recent trip to South Africa, President Obama was quoted saying, “No country will reach its potential unless it draws talents of our wives and our mothers and our sisters and our daughters.” Women […]


Redefining of Beauty

8th October 2013 Teakisi 1

By Attiya Karodia I grew up wanting to be tough, beating the boys at soccer, cricket and whatever else I was good at. I wore my first dress when I was in high school and […]