Wisdom Is For The Wise, Not The Old

20th August 2013 Teakisi 3

By Attiya Karodia As members of the youth, we’ve been told time and again that our opinions aren’t worth the listen, that our age nullifies what our minds speak and that what we feel is […]

Fashion & Style

Chrysalis: From Tomboy To Woman (Part 1)

20th August 2013 Teakisi 2

Every year, on the first day of August, I celebrate my birthday and so nearly three weeks ago the clock hand turned to that time again. Unlike previous birthdays in the past, I didn’t do […]


The Human Element in Leaders

8th August 2013 Teakisi 5

Now and again, one person stands out among a group of many and pioneers a movement so intense and so captivating that everyone else in the group elevates that person to an esteemed position. The […]


The Powerful Voice of Veeby

6th August 2013 Teakisi 1

If you live in Montréal, Quebec then you will most probably be familiar with the name Veeby. She is a young, beautiful and brainy woman who apart from being a singer/songwriter, she is a mother, […]


A Woman And Her Finances

1st August 2013 Tayo Sogbanmu 4

In most African cultures, it has been the norm within the home for the man of the house to be in charge of the family’s finances. The man is usually seen as the one who […]