The End of a Journey

18th March 2019 Amandla Karungi 0

Sometimes we can tell it’s over. Sometimes we can’t. When it comes to natural hair, one YouTuber, Ijeoma Kola, who formerly went by the name Klassy Kinks posted a vlog where she said her natural […]


A letter to Baba Opembe

13th September 2017 Teakisi 0

By Salma Abdulatif Dear Baba Opembe, I have wanted for so long to write to you a letter. To tell you how my new home is not home without you. But is home anything so […]

Current Affairs

I Love You

21st July 2017 Teakisi 3

By Salma Abdulatif I love you. I love you because you are me. I love you because there will never be another you and you are amazing as you are. I love you, each part […]

Fashion & Style

3 Femmes Qui Comptent Dans La Mode Africaine

11th November 2016 Teakisi 2

By Amenan Tanoh   Styliste et promoteur d’événement, blogueuse et mannequin, ces 3 jeunes femmes ont bien un dénominateur commun: la Mode. A leur  niveau, elles sont chacune devenues des “machines” dont l’industrie de la […]

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Fashion & Style

Who Am I?

17th October 2016 Teakisi 10

By Natasha Museveni Karugire My name is, or (as we say in Uganda) my names are (because there are many) Natasha Lynette Nyinancwende Kainembabazi Museveni Karugire. “Natasha” because my mother had read War and Peace, the literary classic by […]


Sonia Mugabo – Bespoke In Rwanda

16th May 2016 Teakisi 2

By Joan Semanda.   Sonia Mugabo started her journey as a designer in 2013 after living in New York and doing an internship for Teen Vogue. She made it back to Kigali just in time […]


Powerful African Goddess: Silvia Njoki

1st May 2016 Teakisi 1

Fashion blogging is taking the world by storm and a good number of Africans have taken to their blogs to share their stories through fashion. Today, with over 50,000 Instagram followers and counting, Kenya’s Silvia […]

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Fashion & Style

Kampala Fashion Week 2015

23rd November 2015 Teakisi 0

By Joan Semanda.   I recently attended Kampala Fashion Week, the second edition of its kind in Kampala that was initiated by Gloria Wavamunno, a fashion designer here in Kampala. This year, unlike last year, […]