Lettre D’amour au Burundi

28th October 2016 Iris Ntore 0

Burundi bwacu*, Burundi buhire, Le pays qui m’a vu naître et grandir. La patrie que j’aime. Sur ton sol, j’ai fait mes premiers pas et j’ai aimé pour la première fois. Tu as accueilli mes […]

Current Affairs

Powerful African Goddess: Ketty Nivyabandi

19th April 2016 Teakisi 7

Ketty Nivyabandi is a Burundian citizen, poet, writer and most recently has been described as an activist when, in protest to President Nkurunziza’s third term, she decided to organize peaceful women’s demonstrations.  ElleAfrique had the […]

Current Affairs

A First: African Woman Elected to FIFA Executive

31st May 2013 Teakisi 0

Today FIFA, football’s governing body elected a woman to become the first executive board member of this male dominated organisation. Burundi’s Lydia Nsekera is that woman. This 45 year old was appointed to the executive […]