Thoughts & Reflections

Making Yourself Clear

10th January 2018 Josephine Amoako 0

Every successful relationship be it business or personal thrives on effective communication. Communication goes beyond just saying something and hearing what is being said. The transaction is completed when each party understands the other perfectly. […]

Thoughts & Reflections

The Ultimate Guide For A Bride

8th January 2018 Amandla Karungi 1

I recently got married. My wedding day was hectic. I expected waking up glowing, connecting the sound system to my favorite Hillsong song, and fill the whole house with its sounds. I would then walk […]


Angel Without Wings

6th December 2017 Felly Oyuga 3

  It was the worst time of my life.  My marriage was falling apart.  I had to remind myself to breath, eat and even shower.  I barely combed my hair.  He always smiled at me […]


La Réussite Version 3.0

25th October 2017 Edwige Suzon 1

Il y a quelques jours, je suis tombée sur un article intéressant qui présentait des personnes ayant quitté des emplois dans lesquels elles excellaient visiblement, si on se fie aux salaires mirobolants qu’elles touchaient. Des […]

Thoughts & Reflections

Lessons from Experience

23rd October 2017 Josephine Amoako 0

Experience is undoubtedly a great teacher, but I also think it seems so because we as humans are sometimes too stubborn for our good. No matter the danger signs we see and are warned against, […]


Permission To Enjoy Sex!

18th October 2017 Felly Oyuga 1

At twenty-two, I told my mother I was pregnant. I was young, unwed and my mother was a staunch Christian. I was expecting her to throw her mug of tea at me. So after blurting out , ‘I’m […]

Thoughts & Reflections

Pretty Hurts…But How Badly?

10th October 2017 Josephine Amoako 0

Pretty Hurts It’s been a long time since I’ve been inspired or impressed by a Beyoncé’s music video; I hardly listen to her songs anymore.  A few nights ago, after several attempts to find a […]


No Justification

20th September 2017 Ayandola Ayanleke 0

You want to talk about modesty … all well and good. As far as I am concerned, we need more narratives around modesty. I am old-fashioned and also a Christian, so I am all for […]