It Never Gets Easier

18th April 2018 Natacha Umutoni 0

The pain, the grief, the loss Is felt at the core of our souls. We live with grief. Every day. Beyond the dirty past, beneath the hard scars are fresh wounds We live with them. […]


A Feminist Manifesto

9th April 2018 Sola Ogunbiyi 0

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is without a doubt, a vocal African feminist act. She literally wears her identity as a woman/African as a badge. She is simultaneously an inspiration and a nuisance to many, it’s not […]


Meet Okoye

5th April 2018 Sola Ogunbiyi 0

The Igbo people (hail from Eastern Nigeria) have four market days namely: Eke Afo Nkwo Orie In Igbo, ‘Oko’ means a man, ‘Orie or Oye’, means a market day, so ‘Okoye’ means a man/boy born […]


The Ring

I love rings. I always have. They are my favorite pieces of jewelry. When I was growing up, I would wear my mother’s rings to school just because they were so pretty. I loved to […]

Thoughts & Reflections

Should Men Be Left To Cheat In Peace?

16th March 2018 Josephine Amoako 1

“Men will always cheat.” “Every man cheats.” “No matter what you do, a man will cheat on you…at least once.” These are the statements trumpeted into one’s ears from childhood compelling us to accept this […]

Thoughts & Reflections

You Only Live Once

12th March 2018 Ayandola Ayanleke 3

When the song, YOLO, was released, it became a source of inspiration for many to live their lives as they saw fit and also to not take life so seriously, because we only live once. […]


Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah

14th February 2018 Sola Ogunbiyi 2

While reading ‘Born A Crime’ by Trevor Noah, one cannot overlook Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah (PNN), the one character whose determination, strength, resilience deserves emulation. These stories shared by her son depicts a mother who is unrelenting […]


Be Worthy of Emulation

2nd February 2018 Ayandola Ayanleke 2

My niece and nephew are a delight to watch. Sometimes, when I am bored, they provide comedic relief. When my nephew was the still the only child, he amazed me with some of the surprising […]