Bald And Beautiful

25th October 2013 Teakisi 3

A person who is broken, battered, bitter, and down to their very last ounce of hope is a very dangerous person. Especially when they decide to take on the journey of destiny. At this point […]

Fashion & Style

Chrysalis: From Tomboy To Woman (Part 1)

20th August 2013 Teakisi 2

Every year, on the first day of August, I celebrate my birthday and so nearly three weeks ago the clock hand turned to that time again. Unlike previous birthdays in the past, I didn’t do […]


A Woman And Her Finances

1st August 2013 Tayo Sogbanmu 4

In most African cultures, it has been the norm within the home for the man of the house to be in charge of the family’s finances. The man is usually seen as the one who […]


Can we have it all?

17th July 2013 Teakisi 0

We want everything but can we have it all? We want to be career women, wives and mothers. A little bit like Beyoncé who is one of the most successful female artists in the world […]


Why Don’t You Earn Your Own?

21st June 2013 Teakisi 1

Once upon a time, women were not allowed to get very educated, or get jobs that would allow them to be breadwinners. They were not allowed to own property or to inherit after the deaths […]


Ladies, Don’t ‘Dumb It Down’!

12th June 2013 Teakisi 5

Only last week I had lunch with a very good male friend of mine who’s in a relationship. Almost predictably our conversation switched from Africa, tennis and banking to singleness, marriage and African women. A […]

Fashion & Style

Chitenge: Our Identity

28th May 2013 Teakisi 3

African fashion is exploding right now. The use of African patterns, the African landscape being etched on pottery, woven baskets adorning the centre pieces of a lot of western homes, wooden salad bowls, wire mesh […]


Closet Space

22nd May 2013 Teakisi 6

Last Friday, one of my girls, Stella, called me asking for directions to my favourite lingerie store in Kampala. After directing her, I asked her what the occasion was and she told me she was only sleeping […]