Do You Love You?

3rd October 2018 Natacha Umutoni 1

The bible teaches us to die to self and to lay down our lives for others, so every time someone mentioned the word self-care or self-love, I would cringe because I thought they are promoting […]


It Is a Man’s World

4th December 2017 Natacha Umutoni 0

Last month, our newsfeed was flooded with stories of rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein.  The actress Alyssa Milano took to twitter using the hashtag ‘MeToo’, encouraging women to share their stories of sexual abuse and […]

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Stop TB In My Life Time!

5th June 2017 Diana Awino 0

As a Biostatisitician I have used computer software to capture and analyse health data. One recurring challenge is how skewed the data can be, leaving out qualitative data on patient information; what I call the patient’s […]

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Current Affairs

The Plight Of Our Mothers

1st March 2017 Eunice Aber 0

I sat in the doctor’s room, awestruck with a mixture of wonder and sadness. Part of me was numb with shock, the other part had to be conscious as I listened to and translated the distress […]

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It’s Okay To Hate Your Period

8th August 2016 Teakisi 2

By Mako Muzenda I’m one of the unfortunate women cursed with a hellish period. Every month, I go through the same routine: throwing up every few hours or so, feeling like my uterus is getting […]

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My Go To Fitness Routine

3rd August 2016 Teakisi 0

By Vivienne Amijee You never know the value of organic food until its all you want. Most African homes have a backyard full of vegetables that mums start for fresh produce, mainly for subsistence use. […]

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Getting Up And Staying Passionate

11th July 2016 Teakisi 1

By Eleanor Mirembe I have recently taken up jogging/running. I know, no big deal here, but let me put that decision into context for you. I am no runner. None of my family members are […]