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Tinder Me Please!

27th April 2017 Nellie Umutesi Vigneron 4

My dating life has been suffering a slow and painful decline that will only result in an unfortunate and untimely death if I don’t take action and attempt to resuscitate it.  In short, I am […]


I Travel Because

7th December 2015 Nellie Umutesi Vigneron 2

Traveling was instilled in me during childhood: whether it was a summer in Kenya, a weekend trip into the countryside of Burundi, or a road trip to the nearest town to enjoy an afternoon by […]


My Work Hubby!

18th November 2015 Nellie Umutesi Vigneron 1

Five short years ago, I met my work hubby while, unceremoniously, being scheduled to receive my new laptop for work. Romantic, right? Wrong. It was un-love at first scheduling conflict. After weeks of unsuccessfully meeting, […]

Current Affairs

Agaciro: Our Choice

3rd October 2014 Nellie Umutesi Vigneron 1

Pride. Humility. Hope. Those were my feeling during Rwanda Day 2014in Atlanta, USA. Proud to be Rwandan. Humbled by what Rwanda and Rwandans have witnessed and survived. Hopeful for our future as individuals, as a […]