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Love & Sex

Kisses From Afar…

7th October 2016 Mahbuba Matovu 0

In that moment I hang up the phone. The silence bursts my bubble. You’re there and then you’re not. I know that in a few seconds I can catch you again. I don’t call. It’s […]

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Be The Alpha Woman

18th July 2016 Mahbuba Matovu 0

The Alpha woman exudes a confidence that follows her everywhere she goes. Don’t get it twisted, a boss isn’t always an Alpha woman; an Alpha woman, however, is always a boss! She knows exactly what […]

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Where Is The Good Music!?

11th May 2016 Mahbuba Matovu 1

The moment I watched Joe’s cover of Adele’s dominating hit, Hello, an unexplainable chill rushed through my veins as I was reminded of an RnB icon left in the 90’s. The smoothness of his vocal cords across the lyrics […]

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Hair & Beauty

Pretty For A Dark Skinned Girl

9th April 2016 Mahbuba Matovu 4

While wandering around the aisles in the Macy’s beauty department, a sales associate walks up to me and insists I try on a newly launched line of makeup. Now you know I’m not one to […]