Short Story

The Night They Were Betrayed

29th March 2017 Laura Walusimbi 0

It was a day like any other. The year was 1986. Sixteen-year-old Pat was listening to music on the family’s little cassette radio. Her favorite song was playing – USA for Africa’s 1985 record of […]


Words Should Build, Not Break

4th November 2016 Laura Walusimbi 2

Growing up I heard this popular children’s rhyme too many times to count: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. I suppose the rhyme was meant to dissuade us […]

No Picture

A Real Woman

26th October 2016 Laura Walusimbi 0

A real woman, who is she? One with airs about her? One who thinks she’s ‘better’ than everyone else? One who strives to bring other women up, and Who commands respect from all, regardless of […]


Lessons From An Older Generation

15th August 2016 Laura Walusimbi 0

Social networks. We all have them. A dictionary I consulted defines a social network as a network of friends, acquaintances and co-workers who are connected by interpersonal relationships. Members of a social network reinforce each […]