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Making Yourself Clear

10th January 2018 Josephine Amoako 0

Every successful relationship be it business or personal thrives on effective communication. Communication goes beyond just saying something and hearing what is being said. The transaction is completed when each party understands the other perfectly. […]

Thoughts & Reflections

Lessons from Experience

23rd October 2017 Josephine Amoako 0

Experience is undoubtedly a great teacher, but I also think it seems so because we as humans are sometimes too stubborn for our good. No matter the danger signs we see and are warned against, […]

Thoughts & Reflections

Pretty Hurts…But How Badly?

10th October 2017 Josephine Amoako 0

Pretty Hurts It’s been a long time since I’ve been inspired or impressed by a Beyoncé’s music video; I hardly listen to her songs anymore.  A few nights ago, after several attempts to find a […]

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Every Life Is Precious

13th June 2017 Josephine Amoako 0

We tell ourselves that we are all equal. We teach this to the children at school. But coming from a society where we study mainly to pass exams, and not to imbibe the knowledge, it’s […]


It’s Only Filter

23rd May 2017 Josephine Amoako 0

We love to stare at and admire The thousands of photos we find online; They are a source of inspiration For our new wardrobe, wedding and interior décor; We can’t help but wish to be […]

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Thoughts & Reflections

Suicide Is Not The Way Out, Seek Help!

12th April 2017 Josephine Amoako 0

The fast-paced advancement of technology and amazing feature updates on various social media platforms today are helping individuals and organizations communicate more effectively with their target audiences. Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Periscope, Snapchat, WhatsApp and […]