Twenty Four

3rd June 2019 Eunice Aber 8

24 is obviously the age before 25. But it also is in a scary way, the age when it begins to dawn on you that you’re approaching quarter a century and have nothing you can […]



8th September 2017 Eunice Aber 3

I spent last Christmas with my grandparents. I always spend Christmas with my grandparents. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t. Oh! The last time I refused to go to the village for Christmas […]


From Africa, To The world

4th August 2017 Eunice Aber 3

At time, the trend in Africa leaves me tired and confused.  I am not sure how it started. Did it start from outside, or it started from within, with us? I do not have an […]

Thoughts & Reflections

Exploit Your Potential, Oh! Africa

21st June 2017 Eunice Aber 0

There is a common saying among my Christian folks that one day we will reach heaven, look down at all the opportunities, the good things we had on earth, and regret that we did not […]

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Current Affairs

The Plight Of Our Mothers

1st March 2017 Eunice Aber 0

I sat in the doctor’s room, awestruck with a mixture of wonder and sadness. Part of me was numb with shock, the other part had to be conscious as I listened to and translated the distress […]