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Stop TB In My Life Time!

5th June 2017 Diana Awino 0

As a Biostatisitician I have used computer software to capture and analyse health data. One recurring challenge is how skewed the data can be, leaving out qualitative data on patient information; what I call the patient’s […]

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30th November 2016 Diana Awino 1

When my father was working, he was one of the best fathers in the world. He spent lavishly on his family; wherever your brain took you, Daddy gladly paid the tuition fees. I boast about […]

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The Gay Debate

2nd November 2016 Diana Awino 2

Technology has made the world a global village. Social media has made every one’s opinion count and, for us ladies, gossip juicers! Every day I thank God for being a millennial. Perusing through the family […]

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Be Relevant!

21st September 2016 Diana Awino 3

I work for the Ugandan civil service in a rural district local government. Wait, did I mention I am a modern breed of local government staffs? I joined civil service at age 24, one year after […]


HIV/AIDS: The Plight of The Affected

30th March 2015 Diana Awino 1

In this article we shall define ‘the infected’ as persons whom have been confirmed HIV positive using a laboratory test and ‘the affected ‘as persons whom do not have the HIV virus but whose close […]


Exodus 20:12

17th March 2015 Diana Awino 0

To me, going to church is reserved for occasions like weddings and funerals. I actually do not remember the last time I went to church; so if that makes me a bad Christian that’s a […]