What Does She Know?

15th January 2018 Ayandola Ayanleke 1

“He has done it again,” Lily lamented. “Who? And what did he do?” her friend, Lola asked perplexed. They were in Lily’s house, seated by the pool, treating themselves to a cold drink of Chapman […]


No Justification

20th September 2017 Ayandola Ayanleke 0

You want to talk about modesty … all well and good. As far as I am concerned, we need more narratives around modesty. I am old-fashioned and also a Christian, so I am all for […]


We Are Our Own Enemies

26th June 2017 Ayandola Ayanleke 2

I had a class in women development recently and it was quite a controversial class. Most of what we discussed were the factors that hindered the development of women, and how these factors were directly […]

No Picture

Cries Of A Child

8th May 2017 Ayandola Ayanleke 0

“I need you!” her heart screamed. “I’m dying, I need help!” it cried out. But it went unheard, drowned by other voices; “My husband is a monster; he hit me every chance he got.” one […]


Tale Of The African Woman

21st April 2017 Ayandola Ayanleke 5

She was born prepared. Prepared for marriage.  She was conceived, born, weaned, raised for one purpose:  marriage. It might not look like it in this day and age, with many parents now sending their girls […]


Tribal Differences

22nd March 2017 Ayandola Ayanleke 4

Jude was nervous. He was going to see Sara’s parents for the first time. He wished this was something he could avoid, but he knew it was a necessity. Of course he understood the concept […]


All In Our Head

14th December 2016 Ayandola Ayanleke 2

The woman’s eyes glazed over immediately as she stepped in. Lola could feel the dislike the woman sent forth even though her mouth curved in a smile.  Lola had been anxious about meeting the woman […]