Race Relations: All Downhill From Here

20th January 2015 Teakisi 0

By Attiya Karodia Last year, just a day short of the anniversary of Madiba’s passing, I witnessed an event that jolted me from the Suburban New South Africa dream we’ve seen reiterated in our rainbow […]


Promising Cameroonian Entrepreneurs

7th January 2015 Teakisi 6

It is about time that Cameroon be placed on the world stage. This year I was blessed to travel back to Cameroon after 9 years. I was amazed, beyond my expectations, about the entrepreneurial movement […]


Personal Stocktaking

5th January 2015 Teakisi 0

Article written by Likeleli M. Monyamane. What does “take stock” mean: During an audit project we would periodically have “taking stock meetings” during which each person would give an update on what they are busy […]